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Add Details to Your Uploads

To add information about a work, go to your Dashboard and click the Manage All Artwork button in the Manage Your Art section. You will be taken to your Manage Artwork menu item where you can click on any artwork to see its Art Detail Page.  Click the “edit” button to edit the details.

You can add the following information:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Category / Subcategory
  • Material and Tools Used
  • Keywords
  • Copyright information
  • Location
  • Creation Date

The more details you can provide for each work, the more likely your work will be discovered by our members and on public search engines, like Google.

You can also customize the URL for each work (See Customizing Your URLs below).  If you want to submit your work to either the Print or Original store, you can do it from the artwork detail page.  Pro Members can also add the work to their personal Showroom without approval.

IMPORTANT: Each upload is considered a unique work. If you want to show multiple views of the same work, such as how it looks framed or how your original photo was used in an advertisement, those images should be added as additional images to the artwork detail page, not as unique works.